Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers 
 Golden Retrievers: Nutritional Needs
Golden Retrievers typically weigh between 55 and 75 pounds and stand between 21 ½ and 24 inches tall at the withers. Male Goldens are often bigger than females. Golden Retrievers are members of the Sporting group. They've a thick, water-repellant coat with an excellent undercoat and they have feathering on their legs, chest, and tail. They are usually recognized by their coat which is a rich lustrous gold. It can vary from a gentle gold to a darker gold. As a breed, Golden Retrievers have a typical lifespan for dogs of the size. They generally live to be about 11 years of age. Along with hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer is often common in Goldens, and some dogs might have heart problems.
By weight, the National Research Council of the National Academies recommends a typical daily caloric intake of 1740 calories for an energetic adult Golden Retriever weighing 70 pounds. Dogs that have been spayed/neutered, or which are older, might need fewer calories. Some dogs might need more calories depending on their level of activity and their individual metabolism. Growing puppies, for example, consume more calories than adult dogs and so do young adult dogs. A new adult Golden Retriever weighing about 70 pounds, for example, and getting a lot of exercise would require about 1876 calories per day. However, if your Golden tends to lie at home all day long with little chance to exercise, he would require fewer calories. They're only estimates. Every dog's metabolism is significantly diffent so one dog might need more – or fewer – calories than another.
Do Golden Retrievers Have Any Specific Dietary Requirements
In some cases, it could be useful to feed your dog food that's ideal for the breed you have, in order that begs the question, do golden retrievers have any specific dietary requirements?
Well, yes and no. Needless to say, centered on factors such as their age, weight and activity level, your golden can have specific calorie and protein requirements. Plus, some goldens may thrive on foods created for large breeds. However, most is going to be perfectly healthy on a good food created for any adult dog.
According to Dog Food Guru, the National Research Council of the National Academies recommends a dynamic 70-pound golden retriever needs around 1700 calories a day. And the Association of American Feed Control Officials says they need around 18 percent protein within their diet (although this is actually the same for several adult dogs). So, you may need to choose a food that may meet these needs.
Both hip and elbow dysplasia aren't uncommon in golden retrievers. Appropriate feeding throughout the puppy stage is deemed more important in preventing it than adult dietary choices. However, maintaining your golden at a healthy weight will help to keep undue pressure off their joints.
Is There One Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers
The short answer to this really is no.
You will find countless dog foods on the market on the market, and many are of very high quality.
You're not really much trying to find the main one perfect dog food as you are trying to find canine food that best suits you and your dog.
Don't stress out over your decision, as it's easy to alter brands if you discover your dog isn't thriving on the meals you selected.
Likewise, don't go way over your financial allowance because you believe you've found the right food. Sometimes the priciest brands out you will find just the ones with the best marketing gimmicks. There are plenty of top-notch foods that can come at more affordable prices.